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Without schools and education from a young age, the developing world will continue to struggle to understand and implement the necessary changes needed to eradicate the problems it faces.

The scale of the issues currently costs Zambia millions each year with an increasing population, a great burden is placed on the government in the provision of schools throughout the country.

That’s why Exilda’s Angels chose a primary school as our first project in the hope that the children of Chita village will grow up not only being able to understand the issues facing their world, but may also become the leaders and developers of solutions to a more healthier and sustainable life that is less dependent on aid in the future.

In Mid 2014 Chita Village Primary School was complete and handed over to the Mpika Ministry of Education. The school was built to plans and regulations provided by the Ministry of Education and took just over 12 months to build using experienced builders overseen by an on site project manager to coordinate the purchase and delivery of materials and completion of each phase.

The Ministry of Education also attended during the build phase to ensure the building work was in accordance with their plans and regulations.

Both the community and Ministry of Education are greatly appreciative for this contribution to their development as are we to our sponsors and donors without whom the building would never have got off the ground.

The nearest school was over 5Km away placing a huge burden on the local community to get their children educated, which is now lifted with the original enrolment of 100 children into Chita Village primary school ….but there are now 460 children enrolled (November 2022)  so the 3 exisiting classrooms have to be used in “shifts”  and are supplemented by temporary classrooms made of “mud bricks”.

It is a sad fact that many children find it difficult to continue their education through to secondary school due to lack of facilities. We are therefore committed to adding additional classrooms to this development together with a secondary school in the near future to allow pupils to continue and further their education.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and donors’ for their continued support.

The school has been such a great success that we now need to increase it’s capacity and the project to add two classrooms is underway. Click here

But what happens when the children that have attended the Primary School need to move on to Secondary education? Currently they have to travel (on foot?) To the nearest school 10 km away.

To deal with this challenge we are planning to build a secondary school on the site near the Primary school. The land for this has already been purchased and deeds issued.  Click here


Rather than you having to go in and out of the menu structure we have provided a pathway through so you can follow the story of Chita Primary school, through the raising of funds, the building of the school, the opening of the school, pupil growth leading to the need of an extension. Just follow the signs.

Follow the story of
Chita Village Primary School

Chita Village Primary School

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